Current PCs

I am a PC. Now what?

First, we want to thank you for being a PC as we appreciate the work you are doing.

PCs are the heart and soul of our party to make and keep our elections free and fair.

Beyond that, you are one of the key individuals to provide the overwatch of our elections at the polling places and to ensure that our vote counts are done properly.

We need to ensure that everyone who is eligible to vote is allowed to vote, but only once.  We have made a significant headway, much through your hard work, to stop voter fraud and harvesting of ballots.

As a PC, you can serve in many ways.

Serving as an elected PC, you decide who our State party officers are. The next election is in November 2024 and serving on one of our outreach committees provides you the opportunity to directly help with education of voters and turning out the vote.

If you are an appointed PC we hope you will also put in to be elected in November 2024. Remember PCs are elected for a term of two years.

So, if you are currently serving, your term is up in November 2024. Stay tuned for information that we will send out in order to get you on the ballot for the next two years 2024-2026. If there are enough openings, you will be automatically elected.

Our goal is to fill all of the open PC seats in Yuma County, so please read our 5-prong approach to recruiting PCs below and devise a plan with your fellow PCs to double and even triple our numbers! Imagine how much we’ll be able to accomplish in the 2024 election if we have more helpers.

Thank you from Yuma County GOP leadership for all you do.  We can’t do any of this without you!

Duties of Precinct Committeemen

Here are some important files to look at:

Yuma County GOP Bylaws (go to Article III, Section 2 – page 8 – for Duties of PCs)

Our 5-Prong PC Recruitment Approach

This is the current approach that we, Yuma County GOP, is adopting. At any and every moment, you can reach out to the leadership for support. They will love to walk you through the process, attend your meetings, help you in decision-making, offer advice, ideas or anything that you may need.

Yuma County GOP 5-Prong PC Recruitment Approach

The Yuma County GOP is adopting an Action Plan to help us in our approach for active, inactive, and recruiting additional PC’s. Yuma County GOP leadership is available, whenever needed, to assist and support you.

1  CURRENT ACTIVE PCs – Take note of the most active PCs in your precinct and connect with them to assist and set up a plan for monthly precinct meetings. Find all PC lists HERE.

2  REENGAGE with INACTIVE PCs – Precinct Captains, along with active PCs should reach out to any PC that has been inactive or less active. See if your Precinct or PCs would like to participate in a monthly precinct meeting.

Do this using your most recent PC or Republican list and set up a breakfast, lunch or dinner to initially bring them together. Reach out to them, connect with them and invite them to become more active.

If you don’t have a Precinct captain when you get together ask for a volunteer to take on the lead role as captain.

3 RECRUIT PAST PCs – We have seen a number of Republicans that were previously active in our group but, for one reason or another, have stepped back from being active.  Use an older PC list see who is no longer on your current list.With your group, designate people to call them and ask them if they want to be PCs again (some have simple issues such as they forgotten to fill out their form or to turn it in).

4 ENLIST NEW PCs – Now that you are active in our party as PC, ensure you have a Precinct Captain as they are the key person in your Precinct to set up meetings and provide coordination. Reaching out to friends and other PCs will provide you the help we need to recruit NEW PCs.

Will you contact friends? Will you set up a home meeting? Set up a breakfast somewhere? Do you have pamphlets ready? Set up a timetable and carry out your plan until all open PC spots are filled in your Precinct. Precinct list can be found on this website (

5 ADOPT LONELY PRECINCTS – We have Precincts that have none, one, or two PCs, which we are calling ‘lonely.’ If you have filled all of your Precinct PC slots, it is time to look at neighboring precincts that need support. Get together with other interested PCs to make a plan to help fill PC seats in a precinct other than yours. Set up a timetable and carry out your plan to fill them also.

DOWNLOAD the Yuma County GOP 5-Prong PC Recruitment Approach PDF document HERE.

Level 1 (less than one term)

Level 1 Training 1: Precinct Committeemen are Informed

Level 1 Training 2: Precinct Committeemen know their precinct

Level 2 (More than 1 term)

An oldie, but a goodie: Ronald Raegan and John Wayne talk about ‘Get Out The Vote’ (GOTV).