Leadership Meetings

There are three leadership committees that the Yuma County GOP is a part of: with AZ state GOP, local conservative leadership and our own leadership. Learn what each one does below.

Yuma County GOP five elected officers meet on a monthly basis and as needed to discuss future events. This allows our leadership team to collaborate and discuss current and future events that affect our party and the elections.

This committee is made up of the Yuma County GOP Chairman and all of our partner organizations. These include the Yuma County Republican Women, Colorado River Tea Party, Yuma County Tea Party, Rio Colorado Republican Women, and the Arizona Republican Assembly (AZRA). Monthly meeting are set up to help coordinate between all the organizations and continue to foster an environment where all groups can share their ideas and plans for collaboration.

Arizona State GOP Leadership meet with all the Arizona local GOP Chairmen and their staff monthly. Meetings may be in person or online. This allows local GOP leadership to stay informed on what the State GOP leaders are planning and what their needs are. Also, the State can understand what is needed and what is going on at the local level by hearing from local GOP leadership directly.