Education Committee

The education of the children of Yuma County is of paramount importance. It is eminent that all children must be given the opportunity to achieve a level of high-quality education in reading, writing, science, mathematics, and civics.

All children must understand the founding principles of the United States; must be educated in the Declaration of Independence and have and understanding of the United States Constitution. Plus have a grasp in how our government is designed and intended to work.

The purpose of the Education Committee is to research, educate, communicate and network regarding the issues and concerns within our education system, while establishing the right of advancing educational freedom. 

Promote a positive image and increase awareness of the Yuma County Republican Education Committee’s mission and vision and our aspiration to enhance public education.

Together we must find suitable candidates within the community to run for office in each school board position. The impact of these candidates is detrimental to the implementation for improving the process of conservative values and enhancing the educational standards. 

Education Committee will collectively recognize and evaluate possible education programs to include Alternative Educational programs, Community Schools, Head Start programs, Health Care programs, Independent Study programs, Migrant Education programs, Prevention Education, Special Education programs, Physical Education programs, and Vocational & Career Education…

Josh Pembleton, Chairman of Education Committee


Committee Members Responsibilities:

  • Serves in an advisory role to guide the committee. 
  • Expresses ideas and provides input. 
  • Actively participates in meetings, contributing to the discussion, brainstorming and sharing innovative ideas. 
  • Reviews material and provides input for improvement. 
  • Serves as internal/external linkages for YUMA County Republican Education Committee to open doors to further the committee’s mission and vision. 
  • Participate in the development and implementation of the committee work plan.
  • Support the business function of education.
  • Making concerns known to the School Board via speaking during the public comments portion of the School Board Meetings.
  • Providing a way for the community to express their concerns and questions about the Yuma County School System by communicating to the Yuma County Republican Education Committee. 
  • Establishing a dialog between the School Board and the community.
  • Creating a pathway for transparency between the School Board and the community.
  • Providing to the public the financial state and current budgeting of the school systems.
  • Working to assure that Critical Race Theory (CRT) or Social Emotional Learning (SEL) is not subject in our schools.
  • Using Open Record Requests (ORRs) to obtain information on the operation of the school system if information is not provided in any other way.

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