Border Crisis

As you know, we live in Yuma, a border town. We are always facing illegal crossings and other crimes that are detrimental to our community, our state and our country. Some of those crimes are: human trafficking, drug smuggling, such as fentanyl and smuggling of illegal weapons. Make no mistake, we are always at risk, but with the end of Title 42, we are facing a border crisis like we haven’t seen before.

We will be posting important updates here as we get them. Posts will go from newest at the top to older ones below.

May 2023

Mayor Nicholls speaking on the border situation. 18 May 2023

Minutes 1-5
Minutes 5-15
Minutes 15-28

Download the letter HERE.

Sheriff Wilmot has been vigorously working to advocate for the growing concerns with the end of Title 42 and how this would affect Yuma. It is no longer a federal problem when people of this magnitude are being released into this country and into our communities.

This situation and organized crime has now landed directly in Arizona communities, becoming a local law enforcement problem and public safety concern. We as Sheriffs are seeking for the state to acknowledge that the border needs to be secured and the rule of law and order be restored.

Download the letter HERE.